“The teachers and kids at the school are extremely happy with the extension, and it has worked out well.”


Chromadek laminated panel door with aluminium capping and frame. 850 mm wide to facilitate disabled access.

3 lever Union lockset

Natural anodised aluminium windows. Top hung or with horizontal slider

Glazed with 3 mm clear glass.

A lattice ridge beam of 7152 x 300 mm manufactured from 2.5 mm mild steel tubing to engineers specification. Beam is bolted through the gable end panel with an internal support member of 76 x 38 x 3mm mild steel tube.

75 mm thick 25 MPA concrete reinforced slab with 300 mm thickened edge. To engineer's specification

Mild steel floor frames with double Lipped perimeter channel 125 x 65 x 20 x 2.5mm thick, and brace channel of 125 x 50 x 20 x2.5mm thick.

The frames are welded and bolted together. They are either painted with Black Chem spec etch coat primer and a top coat of Chassis black bitumised paint or hot dipped galvanised to Z275 specification for coastal applications.

The frame is mounted on galvanised mild steel 2.5 mm footplates with a 110 mm pipe in between that has been cut to follow the contour of the ground resulting in a level floor.

The Metal frame is covered with 21 mm pine shutter boards sealed on the underside with a bitumen emulsion (BE 2) and screwed down at 400mm intervals. The board is then covered with 2.0 mm thick vinyl tiles using the manufacturer's recommended adhesive.


2.0 mm Grey or Beige vinyl tiles.

Applied with tile manufacturers recommended adhesive

WALL & ROOF PANELS - Insulated CHROMADEK composite panels

Wall panels external 40 mm thick - 0.58 mm outer and 0.58 mm inner chromadek sheets (Frost white) with an embossed ridge pattern laminated to 38 mm thick, 16kg/m3 density fire retardant, Expanded Polystyrene. Side wall height 2400mm. Gable ridge height 3100 mm

Roof panels 62 mm thick - 0.58 mm outer and 0.58 mm inner Chromadek sheets (Frost white) with an IBR type profile, laminated to 60mm thick, 16kg/m3 density Expanded Polystyrene.

Gable Flashing, eaves capping and wall panel skirting in 0.58 mm Chromadek


Chromadek sheet with a light ridged profile to the exterior and coated with a baked enamel finish in frost white with flashings and skirting.


We have three standard sizes that are recommended by the Department of Education – 51m”, 56m” and a 60m”. The classrooms can be built in singles or in combos, on either a concrete slab foundation or a light steel frame.


Our offices are built according to our clients’ specific needs, including the inside finishes and exterior painting. We offer the option of building on a concrete slab or a light still frame and can design a complete office structure from detailed specifications or from a simple illustration.


With National Health being one of our esteemed clients, we follow very stringent building policies and regulation when it comes to our health care facilities. As per the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) of 2004,we make provision that to ensure that disabled people can access the health care facilities. We have supplied the Department of Health and its subsidiaries with clinics and laboratories.


We offer a wide variety of accommodation solutions, including houses, camps and site accommodation facilities. Our buildings are fully insulated, they offer thermal efficiency, which results in extremely pleasant living conditions. Our customised solutions include the choice of semi permanent, mobile or permanent structures, as well carpeting, air-conditioning and full bathroom facilities.

Roof Panels

Insulated with a medium density polystyrene,
structurally strong, requiring minimal structural support;
minimal maintenance,
long lifespan standard roofing sheets (1.040m by 4m)
Available for purchase by msq,
adaptable to any conventional style construction such as brick wall or concrete houses.
Quality finishing, versatile material that can be cut to fit any shape of roof.
All raw material used in the manufacturing process of insulated roof panels are fully recyclable.

Building Systems

The main building system supplied at this time is using 0.58 mm Chromadek cladding laminated to Flame Retarded Expanded Polystyrene filler. This gives a wall panel thickness of 60mm and roof panel of 60 mm. These re-locatable buildings mounted either on a galvanised metal frame or a concrete slab.
The buildings are fully insulated as the entire wall and roof panels are of the same type of insulated panel. The building kits are in a knock down format, which makes them readily transportable on conventional trucks and no additional equipment such as cranes are required for the offloading process. This allows the structures to be erected in the more inaccessible areas as experienced in the Eastern Cape.
We currently train subcontractors to erect the buildings in the various regions. This results in a transfer of skills and creation of employment opportunities.


We have supplied over 500 classrooms in the last 18 months to the Departments of Education in the Western, Eastern and Northern Cape as well as Kwa-Zulu Natal. We are also the preferred supplier of mobile classrooms by the Department of Health in the Eastern Cape.

We have built over 1500 square metres of office buildings for Eskom in Atlantis and Mossel Bay.

We supplied 2 Aids clinics and 2 Wellness centres for the ICAP Aids project in Bizana and Flagstaff, Eastern Cape.
We are currently involved with two contracts to supply 90 classrooms for the Eastern Cape Emergency schools projects. We have been approached by the Cape Town City Council to supply emergency shelters for the victims of fires in the informal settlements. We are currently supplying Eskom with offices at their new site in Port Elizabeth for the new gas Turbine generators. We are about to start three new clinics in New Brighton, Motherwell and Zwide in Nelson Mandela bay Municipality.


We are looking into developing a new building system to assist with addressing of the backlog of housing and accommodation in South Africa. The system will use structural insulated panels to provide the internal core of a building in a quick erection time thus giving a weatherproof envelope for the internal trades to work in without being affected by bad weather conditions. The exterior of the building can be brick-clad or plastered to suit the architectural requirements of the project. These panels will also be readily used as internal wall panels or cladding on existing buildings. We anticipate this project to take 12 – 14 months to bring into production.